HarbouR magnets Tour /Aarhus Festival

Get a special guided tour around the installations 'Harbour Magnets' which is a one time event, during the Aarhus Festival/Aarhus Festuge. 

The Harbour Magnets are meant as bridges between the city and the harbour and between land and sea. Spread around the harbour area, they invite you on a journey through hidden withdrawn areas of this part of the city. The guided tour is arranged by Cycling Aarhus in collaboration with Aarhus Festival.

Price: DKK 199 / person Time: 2 hours
Route: 8 km Meeting Point: Frederiksgade 78, 8000 Aarhus C (In the backyard)


The magnets are unusual public spaces that offer moments of contemplation and solitude. The installations use and interact with object and machines from the harbour. They underline the specificities of each site and its relation to the surrounding landscape. Together the magnets form a constellation based on subtle interrelations and act as landmarks throughout the territory.

Harbour Magnets is this years edition of the 1:1 architecture festival, curated by LIST, a French architecture and urbanism office.

HIGHLIGHTS: The 8 installations

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